The human body is dismembered during the informational way flux.In other words, the human body leaves the physical world (or the environment world), penetrates the enclosure of the interfaced world (virtual environment) in the form of the pulses or of optical signals filtered analytically. Thereafter, the analog-to-digital interface translates it in accordance with a communications protocol being assimilated by a computer according to a process algorithm.© Florian Liber 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Human body dismemberment 05

Human body dismemberment 04

Human body dismemberment 03

Human body dismemberment 02

Human body dismemberment 01

pute urbaine

This project of ephemeral intervention proposes to present the recent transformations of the artistic productions into urban environment rejoining new technologies and the new media with the current social nexus, in the middle of the contemporary metropolis. Mettre en scène an interactive virtual performance of the digital images of synthesis by means of a multi-media projection installation, a transitory architecture… It is about the interfaced performance “Human Body Dismemberment HBD 2.1” which is used to illustrate, as a multi-media proposal, how the virtual performance can be used within a communication framework at the time of an urban intervention.This kind of artistic show bares back, then again, the claim to a media opening, that of the multi-media projection-installation, in the public space. We can’t help but wonder about the relation between the technological work of art, the projection-installation and the so-called "architecture for perception". The concept of a multi-media projection-installation always bared, as an immersive and relational medium, a strong connection to the public and private place: in architectural spaces (representative buildings and historical monuments), in urban spaces (corporate towers, sky scrapers, transport‘s underground networks), in industrial complexes (factories) and in the art galleries. Architecture, as a purpose for perception as in the case of an urban intervention, is materialized into two external mural surfaces (Florian LIBER, University of Montreal, 2006)